Lunan One Day Event
21 April 2002

Fourteen competitors took part. This year, we changed the format slightly. We had dressage and cones as usual, but instead of a marathon phase, we put all the hazards (4) into one field along with 3 simple obedience tests (halt, drive beneath a banner of flags, and carry and pour a jug of water without spilling any). The hazards were not timed individually, but there were penalties and knock-downs.

It seemed to be well-received. The optimum time to get around the field was 4 minutes 30 seconds, but no one achieved this time so everyone ended up with time penalties.


Single Horse
1st Nicola Craigen 58.4
2nd Ewan MacInnes 83.0
3rd= Ian Bertram EL
3rd= Sue Hendry EL

Single Pony
1st Audrey Barron 59.8
2nd Diana Milligan 67.4
3rd Liz Melville 69.2

1st Katie Doig (pair) 63.4
2nd Jane MacInnes (tandem) 99.8
3rd Pat White (team) 142.6

Best Dressage: Diana Milligan (45)
Best Hazards and Best Cones: Audrey Barron
Best Novice: Patsy Muir-Simpson
Reserve Champion: Audrey Barron
Champion: Nicola Craigen

Many thanks to Hew and Karen Blair-Imrie for organising this event and sending us the results.