Results of:
Lunan Grassroots event

13th April 2003

A chilly wind greeted the 16 competitors at Lunan event on Sunday, April 13th, but at least we were spared the dreaded sleet storm of a few years ago!

This year we decided to make it more of an educational experience, and so drivers drove the 4 hazards twice. That way, if they made a complete mess of it the first time, they had about 40 minutes to figure out what had gone wrong, and then set out again.

Almost everyone had faster times their second trip through the hazards, even if they went the same route. For scoring, we took the best time for each hazard.

The cones course proved challenging, and only David Brown drove a double clear in his nippy little 2 wheeler.

Thanks must go to Joyce Simpson (dressage judge) and Ian Thornton-Kemsley (cones judge) for their excellent service.

( D=Dressage score C=Cones score H=best 4 Hazards scores )

Class Place Name Dressage Cones Hazards  
Single Horse 1st Sacha Wells 73 43.5 42.0  
Single Pony 1st Liz Melville 51 14.0 57.2  
  2nd David Brown 72 0.0 24.6  
  3rd Audrey Barron 63 15.5 30.6  
Multiples 1st Zoe Sanders 65 13.5 37.2 pair of Hackney ponies
  2nd Pat White 52 48.0 37.6 team of Shetland ponies
  3rd Elinor Bosanquet 68 60.5 42.6 team of Shetland ponies
Newcomers 1st Sam Weir 75 25.0 30.2  
  2nd Campbell Bosanquet 65 44.5 38.0  
  3rd Chris Prentice 70 E 31.2  
Best Dressage   Liz Melville       on a score of 51
Best Cones   David Brown       double clear
Best Hazards   David Brown       best 4 hazards 24.6
Overall Champion   Liz Melville       overall score 92.2

Many thanks to Hew and Karen Blair-Imrie for organising this event.



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